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Working with children is always very interesting. They do things that adults would never do and they say things that adults would never say. The other day I was lucky enough to have this piece of wisdom bestowed unto me. Matteo, the seven year old boy who I look after and live with, speaks English as a second language quite well. After his shower, he proceeded to dance in the bath naked, singing Eye of the Tiger . I said, “Matteo, you’re CRaaazy. You’re going to get cold if you keep doing that”.

Matteo, with his right hand in the air, moving in small fast circles (a typical Italian hand gesture)

“If I’m crazy, I’m crazy. If I’m not crazy, then I’m not crazy. What can I do?”

We should all take this outlook on life and dance around naked singing Eye of the Tiger. Maybe then life would be that little bit simpler 🙂